The 2021-22 school year will bring a powerful new learning environment to the After School Program (ASP). ASP helps Bryan County school students with enhanced learning opportunities that complement their classroom instruction while in the after-school space. In the coming school year, ASP will launch an exciting new learning approach where students can grow and explore with learning centers.

Learning centers encourage students’ exploration through critical thinking and trying out their own ideas in a hands-on way. Learning centers nurture big ideas and support working with others as well as individual learning.

“One of our long-standing goals for ASP has been to create a learning environment that supports classroom instruction and challenges students during their after-school time. Together with outside play and Community Education class opportunities, these learning centers will help us do that,” according to Mark Griffin, Director of Community Education and After School.

The new learning centers will allow students to rotate between several domains, including technology and engineering, science and math, reading and literacy, arts, blocks and dramatic play and improvement of gross motor skills.

Shila Cantele, Director of Bryan County’s Pre-K and BEE program, was instrumental in the design and creation of the classroom learning centers.

“Learning centers provide students with clear objectives and easy-to-follow steps to meet curricular goals. ASP students will really benefit from this new learning environment,” said Cantele.

The Community Education campus is under renovation this summer and will be completed by early August. After School Program locations using the new learning center tools are McAllister ASP, Frances Meeks ASP, Bryan County Elementary ASP and Richmond Hill ASP at the Community Education campus.

As school systems look for ways to help students recover from a challenging year, Assistant Superintendent Melanie James wants to help students improve at every level.

“These learning centers for ASP are a valuable teaching tool that allows students to explore new information independent of the teacher. These learning experiences should allow students to strengthen their understanding of the concepts taught in the classroom. ASP students will be challenged and have fun in the process,” said James.